Veterinary Client Communication Apps: PetDesk Versus PetsApp

PetDesk and PetsApp are both popular apps used by veterinary teams world wide. Having similar features and functionalities that cater to varying needs, without all the information in front of you it can be difficult to decide which of the two will best support the needs of your practice. In true Pack spirit and for full transparency we've pulled together a side by side comparison of PetDesk versus PetsApp for veterinary teams.


A digital marketing app with online booking, automated reminders, payments, forms and intake. Rated 4.8 in the Google app store and 4.7 on

Much like PetsApp, PetDesk has video calling, 2 way messaging and reminders as part of its basic plan. However, they do not have in app appointment booking and you must pay an additional fee for features such as campaigns and payments. PetDesk does not have a free version of its services.


Rated 5/5 stars on the Google app store and 4.8 on Getapp, PetsApp is currently the number 2 health app in the UK, second only to the NHS (National Health Service) app.

PetsApp offers Text and SMS chat, appointment booking, reminders, digital payments and video calls as part of its basic subscription. It also boasts the world's very first AI-assisted veterinary communication feature with PetsApp CoPilot✨ available to all users and a free Customer Lifetime Value Calculator. Additional features include Write back, Home delivery (in the UK), Wellness and Loyalty Plans. In addition all users are invited to participate in the PetsApp Together, in person continued learning events with user group and community networking as an additional free service offered 3 to 4 times a year.

Unlike PetDesk, PetsApp has a 'Lite' version of it's services via it's Find a Vet page. Which allows pet owners to request appointments with all clinics in their area regardless of whether they're subscribed to PetsApp, with the option for clients to also leave reviews to help boost individual clinics domain authority and Google ranking. PetsApp does not offer forms.

Client Reviews of PetDesk and PetsApp

PetsApp Review

Review of PetDesk

Side by Side Comparison

PetDesk versus PetsApp

In summary, when compared side by side both PetDesk and PetsApp offer valuable features for pet owners and veterinary clinics, including scheduling, health reminders, prescription requests, and communication tools. However, PetDesk does not offer appointment booking and has more additional add on costs where as PetsApp has the highest review scores and offers the most features for veterinary teams all within the one app.

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