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Castle Vets saved 50 minutes per day using PetsApp

18% of all asynchronous chats now occurring out of hours, Castle Vets were able manage their time more efficiently.

March 2020

Started using PetsApp


Chats pet month


Payments processed


Year on year pet owner increase


For anything from routine in-patient checkups, general chit chat or appointment bookings - the team had to find a solution that helped them manage their team's time more efficiently, and continue to deliver the high quality service that people had grown accustomed to.


The Castle Vets team turned to PetsApp to help effectively manage their inbound requests and outbound communications. In record time, PetsApp was implemented, the Castle Vets team was trained and clients started using the service.

Ellie (Vet & Director) says: "Before PetsApp, if we had 20 in-patients, we would often get at least that many calls a day with owners wanting to find out about their pets. Now most of that happens via PetsApp and managed by the team at a time that is convenient to them. It's transformed how we operate."

"Being able to manage our time with our clients has been really powerful. They love it too, because they can send us a message in the middle of the night if they want, and we can get back to them when we open at 8am"

“The nurses picked it up really quickly and it's become part of their daily routine.”

The results speak for themselves

  • Castle Vets saved 7,425 minutes worth of phones calls through using asynchronous chat over the year.
  • On average 512 new chats are conducted through PetsApp per month - taking a huge strain off their phone lines.
  • Pet owners continue to love PetsApp even after all the chaos of 2020. Pet owner adoption of PetsApp at Castle Vets has increased by 120% year on year.
  • PetsApp has helped drive footfall and increase turnover. Over £180,000 worth of payments has been processed via PetsApp with a £91 average payment amount.

"Really impressed with PetsApp. I thought PetsApp was the best one out of all the ones on show," said Ellie.

What the Castle Vets clients have to say

"Being able to order meds and pay on PetsApp when we are so restricted is a real plus. I’ll be using this when we are not in lockdown as you don’t have to wait for the vets to open just order away - brill and thanks"

"It is easy to ask questions at any time and the vet can respond when convenient so you don’t feel like you are bothering them unnecessarily"

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