Ensuring Data Privacy in Veterinary Practices: Does PetsApp Own My Clinic's Data?

Data privacy is rightly a paramount concern for veterinary clinics, especially in an era where digital solutions play a central role in practice management. Responsible data stewardship is an important part of our mission to keep the local veterinary clinic at the heart of the pet care journey.

Do PetsApp Own My Clinic’s Data?

In short, No! Used securely by thousands of vets worldwide, PetsApp syncs with a clinic’s PIMS data in order to offer personalised services including digital payment, SMS messaging, appointment booking, wellness plans and deliveries. However, PetsApp does not own this data and neither should any other third party app or business. The ownership of all data within a PIMS is owned solely by the practice and this is explicitly outlined in PetsApp’s licence agreement.

When a veterinary clinic integrates PetsApp into its operations, questions often arise about who owns the data generated and stored within the platform. As within every practice, data collection will precede most if not all clinical activity. As well as logging the medical history, age, breed, sex and ownership of a pet, all veterinary practices will also log personal information on every pet’s owner too. This data is often captured and stored within a clinic’s Practice Information Management System (PIMS) and may include highly sensitive details regarding a client’s personal identity, address and contact details, insurance policies, payment details and preferences.

From a data ownership perspective PetsApp is simply a data processor, while the clinic is the data controller. It is through your management system that you can contact every one of your clients, via PetsApp, acting at your instruction. PetsApp stores your data in a GDPR and CCPA compliant manner. We are heavily regulated by GDPR, CCPA, the ICO and HIPAA and therefore, cannot share your data with any third party whatsoever unless you instruct us to.

Data Security Measures

PetsApp employs state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard clinic and client data against unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats. From encryption protocols to access controls, PetsApp prioritizes data security so that clinics can confidently leverage PetsApp to enhance practice efficiency while safeguarding data privacy.

PetsApp Cyber Essential Plus certificate

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