How to Tag in PetsApp: A Customer Success Master Class

This week's Masterclass on how to tag in PetsApp, comes from the Customer Success Manager and Vet Tech Jerica Tarquinio.

What is Tagging?

Tagging is a really great way to organize incoming chats and queries, allowing you to prioritize and triage medication requests, appointment requests, or non-urgent questions by separating them into different boxes or topic tags. You can also use it to review the different types of chats that come through to you. I suggest leaving these tags on the chats, so for example, I can currently see that around 40% of chats in general across the app come in for med requests while just 20% come in requesting telemedicine advice.

Having these insights is a really good way to see what your clients are wanting so that you can prioritize what might need to be handled most urgently.

Another great aspect to tags are that we can tailor them to each clinic. So for example, a pharmacy tag might be good for clinics that have online pharmacy requests and questions. And this can be put into a certain tagged box that you can come to at your own convenience. This often helps clinics when they are going on lunch or leaving early as the whole team are able to see those tagged boxes so that any team member can access them at any given time and answer them, speeding up response times.

What does Tagging in PetsApp Look Like?

I've recorded a quick, bitesized video as an example of me using a tag. In the video you will see that I have a request for a patient (Marley) to come in for a medication refill and fill in a worm medication request.

How to tag in PetsApp bite sized Master Class

In the above video you'll see a mock example of an open-and-close tab that has the owner's details, but on top it does have that added tab. It's a very simple 2 step process:

1) Click on the add tag tab 2) Select from the list of suggestions

And that's it, you've now mastered the tagging feature in PetsApp. Let us know how you get on by sharing your thoughts in our private users page.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask your customer success manager for our help on this or any other features and elements of the app.

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