Pet Wellness Plans: How to Grow Pet Owner Compliance Through Preventative Care

All any pet parent wants for their furry companions is to ensure that they live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives possible. As a local veterinary practice one fantastic way to offer this, affordably is through a pet wellness plan. Creating a plan that offers a range of benefits that focusses on maintaining the highest level of health means you can create more compliant pet owners by steering them towards a path of more preventative care rather than purely reactive that often leaves both them and you on the back foot, dealing with health issues much later in the disease course than would be ideal.

Preventive Care

So, what should you include as part of your wellness plan offerings? Wellness plans will typically include routine vaccinations, preventive treatments, and regular check-ups, aimed to support a pet owner in their pet’s health journey while enabling you both to stay ahead of any potential health issues. With a wellness plan you're not just treating problems as they arise but actively working together to keep their furry friend in tip-top condition and you at the heart of the maintenance process.

Fewer Financial Surprises

Part of any veterinary team’s job is to advocate for pets as appropriately as possible at every life stage, and this may involve preventive health care interventions of which a pet parent was not previously aware. Wellness Plans make budgeting a lot more manageable by helping to spread out the costs of a pet’s routine health care. And they can be particularly powerful when combined with high quality pet insurance and loyalty programmes. The insurance is there as something you hope they will not need but is there if they do, while the wellness plan covers the things that you as the vet will be recommending as a matter of routine either way.

What Pet Owners are Looking for in a Health or Wellness Plan

•Comprehensive Health Assessments : thorough check-ups to help catch any potential health issues early, allowing for prompt intervention. From dental health to weight management, these assessments provide a broad overview of your pet’s health. •Parasite Prevention Plan: preventing parasites is important for both pet and human health. Wellness plans will often include your veterinary team’s recommended parasite prevention plan for your particular pet and your pet’s particular lifestyle. •Routine Diagnostic Tests: bloodwork and urinalysis can help detect underlying issues that may not be apparent through physical exams alone. Early detection means the veterinary team gets to help you tackle any issues when you have the best chance of making a positive difference for your furry companion. •Tailored Preventive Care Packages: Every pet is unique, and their preventive care should be too. Wellness plans can be tailored to your pet's specific needs, taking into account factors like age, species and lifestyle. This personalised approach ensures that your pet receives the care that's just right for them.

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of a wellness plan is the peace of mind it can bring. Knowing that they're proactively caring for their pet's health and well-being can be empowering as it allows for them to focus on creating happy memories, knowing that their local veterinary team have got them covered.

About the Writer

Dr Thom Jenkins MA VetMB MRCVS is a vet who has a mini zoo of his own with 4 kids, Becki the dog, Addy the cat and a back garden full of wild turkeys. Having run veterinary clinics and parented pets both in the UK and internationally he knows first hand the complexities and importance of maintaining a happy, healthy petcare journey. The Cofounder and CEO of PetsApp, a veterinary client engagement tool, Dr. Thom is proud of the work the PetsApp pack has done in alleviating the load on veterinary teams, while improving the care received by pets and their owners.

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