The Best VetTools Alternative: How to Seamlessly Move Over to PetsApp

In the ever-evolving landscape of veterinary technology, the recent closure of VetTools has left many veterinary teams seeking an alternative. Introducing PetsApp, the best VetTools alternative. PetsApp emerges as the clear frontrunner, offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly picks up where VetTools left off. In this article you will learn how to effortlessly move over to PetsApp.

Closure of VetTools

VetTools, has unfortunately closed its doors. The sudden closure has prompted users to reassess their options and look for a better alternative platform that not only meets their existing need but also exceeds their current expectations.

"Your VIN® family knows you’re likely disappointed by this news and recognizes that this is a potential inconvenience for a busy practice. We’re deeply sorry for both realities. We can’t thank you enough for allowing the VIN® Practice Communications team to provide your practice with service and support. It’s been our honor and pleasure."

Paul & your VIN® Practice Communications team

Understanding the huge inconvenience this creates, the PetsApp pack have come together to ensure an effort free transition process for those needing to move over.

PetsApp the Best VetTool Alternative

Here's why, if you're looking for a VetTools alternative, you need not look any further than PetsApp.

1. User-Friendly Interface: PetsApp boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies appointment booking, vaccine profiles, and all levels of engagement between pet owners and the veterinary teams supporting them. Transitioning from VetTool to PetsApp is a breeze, thanks to its familiar and easy-to-navigate design.

2. Comprehensive Appointment Management: Say goodbye to scheduling headaches. PetsApp streamlines appointment management, allowing pet owners to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments with just a few clicks. The platform also provides reminders, marketing campaigns, wellness plans, loyalty plans and even has the worlds first veterinary AI CoPilot ensuring that query slips through the cracks.

3. Secure and Accessible: PetsApp takes data security seriously. With it's recent Cyber Essentials Plus certification, PetsApp is a recognised and trusted platform for veterinary teams and their clients. Used securely by thousands of vets worldwide, PetsApp syncs with a clinic’s PIMS data in order to offer personalised services including digital payment, SMS messaging, appointment booking, wellness plans and deliveries. However, PetsApp does not take ownership of any data, allowing all personal information to remain within a clinic's PIMS so that it is owned solely by that practice.

4. A-sync Communication: Stay connected with your clients effortlessly. PetsApp facilitates real-time communication through chat features, enabling pet owners and veterinary teams to engage as and when is needed, without blocking phone lines or wasting in clinic time on tasks that can simply and quickly be checked off a-synchronously via SMS or DM. The platform ensures that the valuable connection between pet owners and veterinary professionals remains strong, without increasing the demand and strain placed on the team.

5. Telehealth Capabilities: Especially relevant in today's digital age, PetsApp offers telehealth capabilities, allowing virtual consultations, check-ins and discharges to be done remotely if need be. This feature ensures continuous care for house bound pets, or those prone to stress from being transported as well has helping team members to complete tasks such as post surgery reviews at a time that best suit their schedule, rather than having to wait on the pet parent to come pick up their pet and hope that they're take in all info, whilst rushing to get their pet back.

6. Community and Resources: Join the vibrant and supportive PetsApp Together community of veterinary teams using PetsApp. The platform offers valuable marketing resources, educational content as well as user groups and get togethers to share experiences – fostering a sense of collective growth through collaboration and shared experiences.

How PetsApp works

How to Move Over to PetsApp

Transitioning from VetTools to PetsApp is a straightforward process. The PetsApp Customer Success team is dedicated to providing a smooth migration, and onboarding process.

The closure of VetTools may mark the end of an era, but with PetsApp as the number one replacement, it's also the beginning of a new and improved chapter. Embrace the opportunity to explore all the features PetsApp has to offer, and continue providing the best possible care for your clients.

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