Top 10 Apps for Your Veterinary Team: Hacks for Streamlining Your Veterinary Practice

In the fast-paced world of veterinary medicine, it is easy to understand the vital role technology can play in enhancing efficiency, communication, and patient care. But with a plethora of apps popping up all over the place, it's difficult to cut through the noise and see where the true value lies. So, we've saved you the hassle of trying to find time wade through them all. Here in our must humblest of opinions is the pack's top 10 apps for your veterinary team, each one selected for it's true ability to help your streamline your veterinary practice and increase efficiencies as well as both team and client satisfaction. With no further a do and in no particular order, here are the PetsApp pack's top 10 apps for your veterinary team with hacks for streamlining your veterinary practice.



A voice recognition software designed specifically for veterinary professionals. It allows veterinarians and technicians to dictate clinical notes, prescriptions, and other documentation quickly and accurately, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

“I was on vacation on Friday – Monday and I just peeked at my records from Thursday afternoon when I first started recording my entire appointments – I am blown away!!! Y’all did an amazing job catching all of the details of my conversations with Os and my exam notes. This is perfect for me!!” Dr. Green-Ivey


Vidivet works hand in hand with vet practices to provide your clients with instant access to real vets 24/7. Send photo, video and text and always receive a personalised video message from a vet. With over 75% of cases they speak to leading to revenue generating consultations, stopping clinics from being cut out of the loop and meaning they can be there for their clients even when they've clocked off.

“We are really excited to be partnering with VidiVet at our new small animal practice. VidiVet will help us to improve our patient care especially when the clinic is closed, and the early signs show, it is very popular with our customers and colleagues alike.” Ian Stroud, Smart Vet

Plumbs Veterinary Drugs

A comprehensive drug reference app that provides information on dosage, administration, and side effects for a wide range of medications used in veterinary practice. It offers quick access to essential drug information to support safe and effective prescribing.


MSD Vet Manual

The MSD Vet Manual app offers veterinary professionals access to a wealth of veterinary information, including disease descriptions, diagnostic guidelines, and treatment protocols. It serves as a valuable reference tool for veterinarians and technicians seeking up-to-date clinical information.


Simply pair a PetScanner with their free app on your smartphone to get scanning. Upon scanning a pet, the app will display the microchip number as well as registration details.


QSM Diagnostic

A point-of-care diagnostic app that provides rapid test interpretation and diagnostic decision support for veterinary professionals. QSM Diagnostics is fundamentally changing how bacterial infections in pets are diagnosed and treated with easy to use, quick & accurate mail-in testing kits and proprietary in-clinic instruments using Quorum Sensing Technology

Webinar QSM-Diagnostics 16x9

"I love using the kits to save myself time! Now I can leave a kit with a client so I don't have to reschedule another appointment for collection or add it to my daily route for pick up. This frees up time in my schedule to see other patients and still get the results I need." Dr. Julia C. Coughlin DVM


VetCT's mission is simple; to help all vets feel their best and be their best every day. With the app veterinarians can access their 24/7/365 specialist support network for friendly and practical advice on how best to manage their patients.

The VetCT app has an intuitive interface to quickly and easily connect you with your cases on the go.


VetCalculators is a collection of veterinary calculators and tools designed to assist veterinary professionals in clinical decision-making. It includes calculators for drug dosages, fluid therapy, anesthesia, and other common veterinary calculations in order to help you quickly provide accurate and reliable results.

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Proud to be a 5 star all-in-one communication platform that connects veterinary practices and their pet owners. Using PetsApp reduces the amount of apps, platforms and systems you need to incorporate into your practice as it holds all your client engagement tools in one easy to navigate app. Use it for appointment scheduling, reminders, wellness plans, home delivery, debt collection and digital payments as well as telemedicine consultations, write backs, prescription refills, and much, much more. It offers features for secure messaging, video consultations, and appointment reminders, enhancing client engagement and practice efficiency. And now with PetsApp CoPilot; the world's first award winning, AI assisted veterinary communication feature.

"Awesome app: Petsapp makes it more convenient to contact my vet and it’s been especially useful during lockdown. I’ve been able to communicate with my practice in real time with the convenience of using just my phone." Rosiematosie

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By integrating these top 10 apps into their practice, your teams can optimise their workflows, improve communication, and deliver higher quality care to your patients. From streamlining documentation and diagnostics to facilitating telemedicine and client communication, these apps offer valuable tools and resources to support veterinary professionals in their daily practice. Make sure to check them each out today.

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