Zipwhip Alternatives: Closure Allows Clinics the Opportunity to Move Over to PetsApp

The end of 2023 marked the shutdown of Zipwhip Inc. With the closure happening at possibly the most hectic time of year, many clinics are still seeking Zipwhip alternatives to move their business texts over to.

However, Zipwhips closure need not be a disappointment for those who have already discovered the benefits of asynchronous communication. In fact it’s a great opportunity to discover just how much better it can be!

Moving to PetsApp has helped enhance the way in which some of the world’s most successful veterinary practices communicate and engage with their clients. Famed for offering top-notch patient care and maintaining strong client relationships, PetsApp is the most dynamic pethealth app for staying connected to your pet owners. Leverage the robust features of PetsApp and push yourself to the forefront of client communication technology.

“5 stars, two thumbs up! This app was made for veterinarians to interact (with ease) with pet owners. This has been such a blessing!”

Shawna, Vet

"PetsApp has increased our efficiency 10 fold. It is so simple to use and works really well! We're not an emergency practice and should not be taking those kinds of calls and actually with A-sync chat, pet owners get to drop their thoughts as they think them into the chat box and they're quite happy for us to respond to them, later the next day. Meaning we've both happy clients and team members!”

Aimee Brulatour, Practice Manager

What If I’ve Not Exported All Our Data Yet?

If you are a software user and have not exported your data prior to the Zipwhip shut down, you can retrieve this information via the Account Admin Portal (AAP) tool until 1/31/2024. It’s good to note however, that none of this is needed to move over to PetsApp as our intuitive app plugs into your practice management system (PMS), allowing you to engage with your clients from day 1.

What Are the Benefits of PetsApp?

PetsApp is easy to use with its intuitive interface and the ability to integrate with ease. The platform offers an array of features all within the one product, to help you elevate your levels of service and client engagement without increasing your workload. Features within the app include:

1) Text and SMS chat

2) Appointment booking

3) Reminders

4) Digital payments

5) Video calls

6) AI-assisted communication (Co-Pilot)

7) Wellness and Loyalty Plans

8) Home Delivery (within the UK)

With everything in one place, your teams can get up to speed, quickly. In fact you can sync your PIM’s data and message all your clients via SMS from day 1! Onboarding is so fast and simple, many clinics see around 30-40% of their pet owners onboarded within the first 4 weeks of launching and miss call rates reduced by as much as 85%.

If you need help finding an alternative texting solution to Zipwhip, book a call with a member of the pack today, who will happily help guide you through the process and allocate you your own Customer Success Manager once you’re signed up.

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