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Why Veterinary Teams Love PetsApp

Our PetsApp Together community have come together to share just why their teams and pet owners love PetsApp.

Missed calls down

Pennard Vets used PetsApp to reduce their missed call rate by a whopping 85%!

Increased revenue

Thrums used PetsApp to increase their practice revenue by +20%

Time saved

Godiva Vets used PetsApp to get 2 hours back for their team every, single day!

Compliance up

Hook Norton veterinary group used PetsApp reminders to increase compliance amongst their pet owners

Clinics up and down the UK and all over the globe are using PetsApp to help better support their teams, clients and business. With clinics such as Thrums reporting more than a 20% increase in revenue via PetsApp wellness plans and Pennard Vets reducing their missed call rates by a staggering 85%!

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Godiva launched PetsApp in their clinic on the 1st of Dec 2023 and within their first 3 months onboarded approximately 5000 pet owners with who they had 5163 chats saving the team a total of 10,000 minutes (166 hours) versus if these enquiries had come in via their phone lines. Making communication with pet owners faster while also freeing up the phone for emergency vet appointments.

Feedback has flooded in from their pet owners who were keen to share their experience of using PetsApp.

"It's nice and comforting to know there is someone there if need be."

"Not always convenient to call with work so this is great!"

"Very quick with a response and helpful with any questions I have or to book appointments or just for general advice."

"It’s an amazing app and you get a reply so quickly!"

Having both the team and pet owners proactively and enthusiastically taking to PetsApp means that CES (Customer Efficiency Scores) have been great from the get go with an average launch score of 4.3/5.

Godiva Success Hacks for Chats

1) Using Templates

Templates have meant that the team are aligned and consistent with the information they share. The templates also mean they're not having to think up content and responses on the spot and are pre-proofed by the senior team to make sure they are compliant.

The Godiva team currently use templates for:

  • Medication collection
  • Medication Request
  • Booking an appointment
  • Joining their Health Care/Wellness plans
  • Updating payment details
  • Collecting weight for meds
  • Appointment reminders

PetsApp offers a library of templates that teams can tailor and add to. Godiva suggest always being open to suggestions and adding any templates you feel may be beneficial to your pet owners.

2) Set Expectations with Your Team and Have a Communication Criteria

Some rules the Godiva team stick to for consistency level of good client service are:

  • Every chat should be delivered politely with same customer service as a phone call
  • Avoid Free writing any messages and always use a template
  • Do not close a chat unless you are 100% sure that the chat is finished
  • Use correct spelling and grammar rather than “text talk”

Health Care Plan Success

The Godiva team launched their new Health Care Plans (HCPs) in January 2024, a month after going live with PetsApp.

"Within the first 3 months we had 100 new clients sign up to the plan."

The success of their HCP launch lead them to review their pricing and set it to a more competitive rate. This in turn increased their monthly HCP revenue by 46%!

Fully supporting the benefits to their clients the team aided their HCP sign ups by including it in all conversations they had with their pet owners.

"Every time someone collects flea and worm treatments we say 'are you paying for these today or are you on our health care plan - pay monthly' this engages questions about the plan."

Blown away by its success by the end of 2024 the Godiva team plan to have doubled the amount of pet owners they have actively using PetsApp.

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In the year that they celebrated their diamond anniversary, the team at Thrums Vets decided that their customer service had another level to reach by better utilising data.

Thrums have been with PetsApp since soon after we launched and already made great use of our inpatient updates and direct messages to create wow moments in client care.

That’s why we were delighted to help them to expand their PetsApp offering, with their appetite for evolution coinciding with some of our latest features becoming integrated with their practice management system, Robovet.

They worked alongside veterinary marketing consultants Practice Made Purrfect to improve their service for clients and to continue to evolve their service in their 75th year.

How Quickly Can PetsApp Clinics See Results?

Thrums integrated online booking and reminders in May, and reported exciting results from June to December – a major step up in performance in just six months.

These included:

1) Practice revenue increasing by 21%

2) Online appointment bookings increased by 70%

3) Pet Health Plan uptake increasing by 50%

4) Pet Health Plan cancellations decreasing by 40%

5) 52% of all of clients using PetsApp on a regular basis, and those who do love it – with a customer effort score of 4.66 out of 5.

“We love the fact that PetsApp puts us firmly in control of setting up our own reminders – we have configured over 50 different reminders so far. The team recognise that reminders are a fundamental function of our business and love the fact PetsApp empowers us to proactively manage that. We’ve always been with PetsApp, but when they introduced upgrades that allowed us to integrate even further with our practice management system, that was an opportunity too good to miss!”

Gavin Durston, Director of Thrums Vets

Introducing Thrums Vets

Introducing Thrums

Thrums are Scotland’s largest independent veterinary group and a leading member of the XLVets community.

Established in 1948 as a large animal venture by Jim Baillie, a vet from Brechin who wanted to support local farmers, Thrums is now a thriving mixed practice, treating pets, horses and farm animals throughout Angus and Perthshire from four locations in Kirriemuir, Blairgowrie, Scone and Forfar. Their forward-thinking approach can – in our opinion – be best shown by their excellent use of PetsApp, embracing our service to communicate with clients since we launched, and now leading the way in using the app to its full potential to deliver excellent care for pets and owners. How to Run a Successful Campaign on PetsApp

Thrums have used PetsApp to push a number of campaigns which should be great inspiration for other practices.

“The customer success team at PetsApp are excellent, their enthusiasm for the product and implementation to help Thrums achieve their goals were exceptional.”

The Thrums Team

They’ve configured automated nudges to check in with pet owners the morning after a patient undergoes an anaesthetic, further improving their level of patient care.

They aim to reduce antibiotic resistance by sending messages to maximise compliance and ensure clients return unused medication for secure disposal.

And they’ve created post-consultation nudges, enabling their vets to send information directly from consult rooms to follow up a diagnosis, enabling clients to digest information about potential treatment options in the comfort of their own home.

The balance of incorporating digital communication while maintaining bricks-and-mortar clinics as the centre of their business is essential for meeting the needs of both clients and vets. Seeing the positive reaction from Thrums team members and clients to using PetsApp convinced the leadership team that going all in with our app was the best way forward for their practice.

“We cemented the client firmly at the centre of our business by leading the way on adopting the very best digital communication tools. Using the features offered by PetsApp we were able to make a dramatic shift in how we communicate with our clients – with spectacular results.”

Gavin Durston, Director at Thrums Vets

The New Veterinary Business Model

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